Friday, August 14, 2009

Why Physicians Are Abandoning Their EHR's

ONC Head David Blumenthal Says Certified EHR are not good enough. Here is the actual quote:
ONCHIT currently contracts with a private organization, the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology, to certify EHRs as having the basic capabilities the federal government believes they need. Many certified EHRs are neither user-friendly nor designed to meet HITECH’s ambitious goal of improving quality and efficiency in the health care system
CPOE based EHR systems suffer from the click-syndrome and have always seen push-back from clinicians. The success and usage statistics of current day EHR's are a testimony to the lack of user-friendly-ness of traditional EHR's.

Speech-driven EHR's, like Mrecord's EHR are redefining CPOE and how clinicians are interacting with their EHR's.

Mrecord EHR BETA program is now live. Contact us at for more info.

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