Thursday, August 20, 2009

Answering Questions About SaaS

As I have discussed in my previous blogs, the SaaS model allows companies of all shapes and sizes to leverage SaaS infrastructure, which would otherwise be out of reach for most. SaaS applications from top service providers are built on an infrastructure that provides the security, performance, and reliability normally found in only the most sophisticated IT departments.

When evaluating SaaS for your medical practice, you need to understand each SaaS Vendor’s approach to service delivery infrastructure, policies, and procedures. You also need to ensure that the providers you’re considering can deliver 24/7 service with high performance and availability.

Many questions about SaaS have been focussed around performance, availability, security, customization, and integration with existing Information Systems or legacy applications inside a corporate firewall.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors must be able to provide a compelling, proven answer to all the following questions:

  • Is data secure?

  • Can performance be tracked?

  • Is the service truly multitenant?

  • Will this application scale?

  • Is application high performing?

  • Is there a disaster recovery plan?

  • Will application always be available?

Tier-1 SaaS providers like Mrecord will provide customers with a copy of their practices & procedures when it comes to security, reliability & disaster recovery. Mrecord even provides real-time performance stats to its customers, so that they can verify that it is meeting its promise of performance & uptime. SaaS providers have an inherent obligation to provide answers to the above question and the best of breed companies will be upfront, & transparent with providing all the answers you need to GO SaaS WITH CONFIDENCE.

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