Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mrecord Speech-To-Text Platform gets a big upgrade

Over the past few months we have been hard at work, adding some big new features to our Speech-to-Text platform and we are almost ready to take the veil of it. This will be our single biggest upgrade till date. Here are some of the features that are planned as part of this release

Multiple levels of routing preferences
This was a big request from our MTSO customers. They wanted the ability to add DS to a provider pool but wanted to set multiple levels of preferences eg. Most Preferred, Preferred, Allowed, & Blocked. We listened and it is available now. Here is how it works

DS Brenda --> Most Preferred --> Dr. Joe
DS Cindi --> Preferred --> Dr. Joe
DS Jannie --> Allowed --> Dr. Joe
DS Sarah --> Blocked --> Dr. Joe

So if Brenda is logged in, she gets first dibs at it. Cindi would get Dr. Joe only if she is logged in and doesn't have something that is she most preferred DS for. Jannie on the other hand can only get Dr. Joe's work if neither Brenda nor Cindi are online (and dont have anything of higher preference available). Finally, Sarah would not be able to get any files for Dr. Joe at all.

Forecasting Report
Managing a MTSO work queue without forecasting reporting is a tasking assignment. Our newest forecasting report takes the guess work out of managing your work queue. It lets you know how many DS are logged in and based on their individual targets what your backlog would be. This allows managers to identify over-flow work and bring in additional teams to help.

Our new Pay-for-Performance module is going to be single largest driver of quality & tat improvement for your organization. Managers can set quality & productivity goals and set rewards (or penalties) against them. Poor performers are weeded out, high performers are rewarded & the ones in the middle are motivated to improve. Your clients will be very happy (read loyal) and your bottom-line is secure.

Pre-Typed Text Reporting
Perhaps the one feature with the single largest (and immediate) bottom-line impact is the new Pre-Typed Text Reporting module. Managers can now surgical separate "actual work" from "pre-typed text" and move their DS to a fair-pay mechanism. Expect large scale savings and very large positive impact on your bottom-line, allowing you to finally compete with the big-boys.

Auto-matching Document Specialist with Speakers/Authors
For a large MTSO (or even a medium-sized one) matching Authors with DS can be a very time-consuming task. With our new style matching, you can easily, quickly & accurately pair your DS with Authors. Set as many matching criteria as you like and precisely build auto-assignment queues. You will wonder how you ever lived without this feature.

Global & Personal Dictionaries
We now offer Global & Personal Dictionaries. You now central host your global dictionary & auto-text words and your DS automatically sync with every time on log in. You can push new drugs, medical words by simply adding it to your Global dictionary. Likewise, DS can create their own personal dictionary and it is synced up with their online accounts. If they switch computers, their personal dictionary is automatically available on their new PC.

Global & Personal Auto-Text & Auto-Correct (auto-expander) Word Lists
Similar to dictionaries, Managers & DS can use global & personal auto-text & auto-correct word lists. They are auto-synced every time on login with the DS's PC.

Powerful Importing Tool
Here is another nifty new tool that we added to our platform, the ability to import lists directly into the system regardless of the source of the lists. As you can see in the screenshot along side, you can import appointment schedules & referring doctors lists exported from practically any HIS server out there.

Besides the above, there have been hundreds of small tweaks & bug fixes, with dramatic gains in performance & speed throughout the system. More information on release dates to follow soon or contact your sales representative or call us at 919 374 2484 extension sales.

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