Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Road from Medical transcription to Speech-To-Text - How The Times Have Changed

It used to be that the doctor would see the patient and then dictate the visit into a recorder. The tape would then go to the transcriptionist sitting in an office. They would place the tape into a player and would type out the report. The report would then be placed in the doctor’s “in box.”

Times have changed. With today’s technology, the doctor can dictate anywhere, in the car, on the beach, late at night when they can not sleep. With our Speech-to-Text platform, the doctor dictates the report on the digital recorder, turns the computer on, plugs the recorder into the USB cable and the reports are automatically uploaded to Mrecord servers. The reports are automatically voice recognized, reviewed and audited and then uploaded back to the provider within 24 hours. The doctor (or whoever they may designate) can review the reports, make any necessary changes, lock the report and the doctor’s e-signature will append to the report. If you utilize an electronic medical record (EMR), we also have the capability to import the dictation into your EMR. Give us a call for a 2 week trial.

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