Thursday, July 16, 2009

Meaningful Use Gets Initial OK and what it means to Speech-To-Text providers

The federal HIT Policy Committee has approved revised recommendations of a workgroup for an initial definition of "meaningful use" of electronic health records systems.

For the new recommendations, the work group revised objectives for EHRs to meet by certain deadlines. The revised 2011 criteria calls for qualified health care providers to:
  • Allow patients to access their health records in a timely manner;
  • Develop capabilities to exchange health information where possible;
  • Implement at least one clinical decision support rule for a specialty or clinical priority;
  • Provide patients with electronic copies of discharge instructions and procedures;
  • Submit insurance claims electronically; and
  • Verify insurance eligibility electronically when possible.
  • The group also called for health care providers to allow all patients to access personal health records by 2013, two years earlier than under the initial recommendations.
  • However, what is particularly important to Speech-to-Text providers is the section about CPOE.
    Computerized Physician Order Entry
    The work group also clarified criteria related to computerized physician order entry systems. The new recommendations call for health care providers to use CPOE systems for 10% of all orders of any type. However, the work group did not offer guidance on whether the 10% requirement would apply to each individual order type or all orders in total.
    Speech-to-Text providers should take serious note of this. This mandates that physicians have to manually enter orders into their EHR and force physicians to switch from using speech to narrate the order.

    Speech-to-Text providers should look to accelerate their Discrete Data Reporting capabilities if they are to help their customers meet this criteria of meaningful use. Mrecord has pioneered the technology behind TRUE Speech-to-Data and continues to build leadership in the space. Mrecord Speech-Driven EHR embraces the concept of taking "orders" via speech instead of cumbersome CPOE.

    Isnt it time they reinvent CPOE?

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