Friday, July 17, 2009

Is "Discrete Reportable Data Elements" The New CPOE?

CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry) is what drives traditional EHR systems wherein Clinicians work in front of the computer and using a keyboard enter data into a computer. There have been wide spread reports of push-back from physicians of this approach. Instead clinicians have liked the portability of dictation devices & the ability to narrate their patient encounters. But traditional transcription has its own drawbacks. Critical Data Elements were trapped in these rich documents but there were limited ways to extract and extrapolate them.

Enter "Discrete Reportable Data Elements"

Mrecord's cutting edge Speech-to-Text technology now allows clinicians to use dictation to capture their encounters and transform it into RICH DATA -- data that can drive EHR without having to use traditional CPOE.

What we are seeing now is the paradigm shift from using traditional keyboard based data entry to perhaps the most natural of human communications. Today you can use speech to give commands to your car, speed dial your phones and do web searches. Isnt it about time our clinicians are offered the same technology to drive their EHR instead of strapping them to a keyboard.

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