Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Decadent Waste

Until not too far back in the past organizations spent huge amount of money on providing email services to their users. This is generally how it stacked up
a) Buy Expensive Hardware to become Mail Servers & more equipment to provide redundancy & failover
b) Buy Expensive Mail Server Software (typically your Microsoft Exchange Server)
c) Then buy Microsoft Outlook license for every user
d) Hire Expensive IT staff to install, manage & run the above
e) Buy, Install & Manage Firewall Hardware to protect the servers, network & data
g) Buy, Install & Manage Spam Filtering Software h) Buy, Install & Manage Backup Solution
i) Setup Expensive Server Rooms to put all this equipment in
h) Lease Expensive Internet Connections from local ISP's
k) Buy, Install & Manage Expensive Software to push emails to mobile devices
l) and the list keeps on going...

To us this adds up to a decadent waste of resources & effort.

Today, you can setup (yes, you) email services for your entire organization for practically nothing without having to buy, install, manage anything (or anyone) in under 60 seconds. Yes, its called SaaS - Software As A Service. It is pertinent to note that almost all SaaS solutions are delivered via the web using a web browser.

Healthcare, though a late adopter of technology, can leap frog all of the above by simply moving to SaaS based healthcare IT. Plus, one of the major upside of SaaS for healthcare is that since it is delivered via the web it is available anywhere, anytime via any internet connected computer (mac, pc, linux or the much talked about chrome) or mobile device.

SaaS is largely built on open standards, & have embraced open access like traditional software never will. SaaS healthcare should be on the checklist on every healthcare manager looking to use the substantial push by the adminstration to adopt IT technology.
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