Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Creating Software that Polarizes Users

Years when Mrecord started as a company our focus was to build some great software that worked for its customers. Ever since our first product we have stuck to the same fundamentals and our users rewarded us with loyalty and fan following. Today we would like to share them with our readers
  • Make it really fast & accurate: Faster is better than slower and we understand that our customers time is too valuable to have them wait for our apps.
  • Make it easy to use without manuals: We know users don't like intrusive technology that is complex to learn & use. We keep our interface really easy & intuitive and we do that by using them ourselves every day.
  • Invent, Innovate, never duplicate: Since our inception we have kept our customers needs at the core of all our ideas. We have learnt from their experiences and have been bold enough to rethink the way we did things. Today more than ever we are driven by the spirit of innovation.
  • Deliver it through the cloud: We think buying & installing software is so 1900's (frankly we think its a rip off). Which is why all our software is delivered via the web. We embrace the everywhere, anywhere, everytime motto and build our products to do the same. We don't sell our software, you simply subscribe to use it. And if you find someone better you can take your data with you (we will help you do it).
  • Embrace Open Standards & Open Access: For too long now the healthcare industry has been held hostage by proprietary & closed source systems that locked their data away. We vow to change that forever. All Mrecord platforms are open standards with APIs so that you can extend functionality with your own custom apps & access and use your data anyway you like. That is our promise and that will never change.
  • Pursue Customers who buy into you, not the ones you love to have: We build software technology for customers who use & love our products, provide us with feedback and suggestions and are emotionally invested in our success. We tend not to build for that elusive sale we could have, we rather stay focused on what our current customers needs are. This has worked for Apple & Porsche, we believe it works for us.
  • Obsess Over Customers: This one we picked up from Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com. We obsess over our customers needs & requests. We keep our competitors in our peripheral vision but our customer is the focus of our obsession.
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