Friday, July 31, 2009

Accelerating TRUE Adoption of EHR using Speech Technologies

According to a report published by AC Group (, there is a 73 percent failure rate of EMRs due to usability frustrations, noting that when clinicians lose the ability to dictate narrative notes and are forced to directly key data into an EMR, it takes significantly longer to document patient encounters.

In our previous blog posts we discussed the emergence of Speech To Data Technologies which extract Discrete Data Elements which are used to drive EHR's. Today, we would like to demonstrate how physicians can document encounters by using speech.

In the example below clinician enters vitals into the EHR using speech

When a clinician dictates:
" ninety eight...eight five and thirty one ninety eight"

This is what is sent to the EHR:
PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: VITAL SIGNS: Weight 198, pulse 85 and irregular, respiration 15, blood pressure is 131/98

This data can then be graphed inside Mrecord's Speech Driven EHR platform.

Speech-to-Text technology is accelerating the true adoption of EHR systems, allowing physicians to use the fastest, most convenient method of getting data inside an EHR.

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