Tuesday, June 23, 2009

News Flash: Mrecord EHR Beta Program

Our Speech Driven EHR is getting ready for Beta customers

We are finally getting ready to take the wraps off our Speech Driven Electronic Health Record systems. Our key focus during the entire development process of our EHR system was:

a) Make it super fast (faster is better than slower)
b) Make it very easy & web 2.0
c) Deliver it through the cloud (anywhere, everywhere, anytime access)
d) Innovate, not duplicate (our collaboration based EHR is first of its kind)
e) Focus on Adoption and try not to turn physicians into Data Entry robots (you can drive the entire EHR by just using Speech)
f) Keep it Open Standards based (we are getting ready to release the API soon)
g) Break all the rules and we have done just that
h) Its not about the technology, its about the users; listen to your customers

Our EHR Beta Program starts 1st August and we are excited. Keep a look out for more information.

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