Monday, April 21, 2008

The Art of Going Paperless

It takes attitude, commitment, discipline, training & patience.

How easy is it to go paperless, truly? It takes some great software, good planning & thorough training. But as many offices have discovered thats only part of the equation. Low adoption & high rejection rates of EMR have proven that there is more to the story than meets the eye.

Physician & staff resistance to EMR has been well-documented on many blog sites & discussed in various panels nationwide. Physicians complain that EMR are
-- too difficult to use,
-- slows me down,
-- too many clicks,
-- cant do it the way I used to
-- among others

EMR companies respond to that with a highly cliched "no pain no gain". But what if traditional EMR manufacturers stepped into the shoes of some of the very physicians they serve & thought to themselves "how can be make adoption easier" they might be able to create opportunity in the face of resistance.

I believe we at MRecord have found a better way by doing just that kind of thinking. Our EHR portal does not require clinicians to change their workflow. Clinicians are not required to go click, click, click to generate their documentation. Clinicians welcome the idea that their medical records, documentation & paperwork can be accessed electronically but not very cozy with the idea of them having to do a lot of Computerized Data Entry (aka CPOE) to get them all there. MRecord EHR portal achieves that quickly for any practice & the ROI is instant.

Using MRecord EHR portal clinicians can ease into the new world of electronic one baby-step at a time instead of them being thrown into new systems & processes practically overnight. Some clinicians adopt sooner than some others but in the EMR world its all or none. MRecord EHR focuses on getting rid of all the paper while leaving the clinicians workflow largely unchanged.

Once the goal of going paperless is realized, offices can let the clinicians ease into their new electronic environment as their own pace without it jeopardizing the paperless process. Clinicians then discover the benefits of going the paperless world themselves and they then self motivate themselves & their peers to adopt more of the features offered by the system -- all at their own pace.

We believe adoption is the key to improvements in our health care system and I feel this self paced adoption & learning process will get more clinicians there faster than the traditional all-or-nothing EMR approach.

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